“ We deliver total quality solution ”







Our core business focus on IT Related Equipment, Consulting in Networking and Cabling Solution,

Interior Design, Renovation Worksand Office Equipment,

Project Management.




» HERITAGE FORTE SDN BHD (HFSB) incorporated on 18th January 2002 and fully focusing into large IT

industry based on under standing the wide scope of the IT insudtry, HFSB ventures into Software Development,

Engineering Services, and Building Automation and Management.


» HFSB approach to the business is to be very selective and to focus on certain niche segments of the market.

In this way, we are able to concentrate our resources to effectively bulid our competitive position in the market.

It has successfull pooled a team of highly trained, skillful and experienced personnel.


• Vision


» HFSB’s vision is to achieve the position of one of the market leaders in our chosen areas of business. In

this direction, ‘Total Quality Solution’ value-discipline shall be adhered to.


» HFSB shall be committed tp raising the standard of delivering and professional services. This commitment

is with the intention of setting up a set of standard, professionalism, dedication, quality and operational

excellence to contribute towards customer’s satisfaction.


• Mision


» HFSB’s mission is to provide information technology solutions to enhance customer’s success through

excellent delivery of ‘Total Quality Solution’. With the mission which will benefit both parties, HFSB confident

that customer’s requirement will be success through excellent delivery of ‘ Best Total Solution Delivered’.



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» In developing HFSB business plans, we focus our strength to satisfy customer’s requirement in areas

covering software and application development, infrastructure & facilities and Intelligent Building Management

System comprises products and services.


» As the solution provider and system integrator, component of IT solutions gets more high-tech, we position

ourselves to provide high quality total solutions through our professional approach.



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» The intensity of our partnerships means that we can offer you all the advantages ofeach vendor's technology

along with our multi-platform, multi-vendor assessment, design integration and management expertise. It

also means that we can simplify matters for you by offering a single point of contact for your end-to-end needs.



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» Individuality, creativity, continuous learning, the spirit of accomplishment, a desire to make a difference, a

work environment that maximizes your talents, skills, and career, as well as personal goals.


» We expect you to be a creative thinker, a problem solver, and a challenge seeker. You can expect HFSB to

support your efforts, help you gain knowledge with continuing education, promote your professional

development, and encourage you to achieve and reach your potential.


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